Press Release: Emergency Law Termination

Transitional Justice is pleased to note the termination of Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s extralegal attack on transgender Missourians. The rule, originally slated for implementation in April, would have banned not only transgender youth from getting appropriate health care but severely limited the treatment options of adults as well. This would have made Missouri the first state in the union to make such a radical move.

The rule, which many believed to be well outside Attorney General Bailey’s legal authority, was under a temporary restraining order pending multiple legal actions against it when the termination was announced. In the weeks after the rule was published, it became a rallying point for LGBT+ activists not just in Missouri but across the country.

While transgender Missourians may breathe a sigh of relief, they are not out of the woods yet. A ban on minors receiving gender-appropriate treatment has recently passed the Missouri legislature at the urging of Governor Mike Parson, who is expected to sign it. With 40 anti-trans bills introduced into the Missouri legislature in the last session alone, the Republican party has made it clear that vilifying trans people and doing everything they can to legislate them out of existence is a major priority and will continue to be for some time.

Transitional Justice believes that all transgender people deserve to live free from discrimination and violence, and we are committed to providing them with the resources they need to rebuild their lives in new areas. While created in response to the emergency rule, it is our intention to continue to do everything we can to make sure that every transgender person can live in a place where their dignity and autonomy are respected. For more information or to volunteer, go to



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