Moving Towards a Safer Future

With your support, we provide safe emergency housing to LGBT+ political refugees. Donate now to provide shelter to displaced individuals and families fleeing anti-trans legislation.

anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in 2023
increase in violence against TGNC individuals*
attempted suicides by TGNC individuals*

*TGNC = Transgender/Gender Nonconforming.
Sources: the ACLU, UCLA William's Institute (Transgender Subpopulation Statistics and Transgender Violent Crime Press Release),  Human Rights Campaign, and the Anti-Violence Project.

Transitional Justice is a grassroots organization created for the express purpose of providing refuge and support for transgender political refugees who are fleeing persecution.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe and welcoming environment where they can thrive. We are working with volunteers to provide aid, housing, and other essential resources to those in need. With your help, we can continue to build a brighter future for political refugees and create a world where everyone is free to live without fear.

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